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    5 , 6 , 6.5 , 7 , 7.5 , 8 , 8.5 , 9 , 9.5 Inches
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How Do I Care For My BRACIALETO?
Cleaning a BRACIALETO jewellery.

To clean your BRACIALETO jewelery, pour a small amount of mild soap into some lukewarm water and use a soft cloth. Soft toothbrushes are ideal for cleaning jewelery with patterns, which can otherwise be difficult to clean. If the dirt is hard to remove, soak the jewelery in clean water for 10 minutes, brush and rinse again.

You can also clean your BRACIALETO with a dry silver polishing cloth, or bring your bracelet into BRACIALETO Kiosk for a thorough cleaning in one of our specially designed tumblers.

Do Not Use Liquid Silver Polish! Silver polish will remove the oxidation treatment from some of the beads and chains.

Please note the BRACIALETO is oxidized jewellery and is meant to fade to an antique look as it is worn.

Be very careful not to expose your BRACIALETO to harsh chemicals or environments. These include, but are not limited to, liquid silver polish, lotion, aerosol sprays, pools, hot tubs, and spas.Failure to properly care for your jewelery may void your warranty.

I Wore My BRACIALETO in the Pool! Now What?

While wearing your BRACIALETO bracelet in the pool will not irreparably damage your bracelet, it is not recommended because the chemicals found in most pools can react unfavourably with Sterling Silver.

If you choose to wear your jewellery in the pool you can do so at your own risk but note that once you do your warranty will be considered void.

If a bad reaction occurs, it can usually be restored with a professional cleaning and polishing. If you find yourself in that situation, please contact us so we can discuss how we might be able to assist you.